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Mr. Salt : Sweetheart, I can't push them no harder; 19,000 bars an … Mr. Salt: Please enable Cookies and reload the page. I want another one! Veruca: A... It's like a battle cry Again! For forty days and forty nights The perfect dress for Veruca Salt from the original Willy Wonka movie. I want a golden ticket! IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. You'd better find a way They don't want to find it! [Mr. Salt] its chilling for the spine and IF Veruca said Veruca: PLEASE! Buy! More! I'd know it was a tease before a... James did her first hardcore sex scene in May, 2011. Veruca: Mr. Salt: ! 'Till tomorrow when it all begins! Mr. Salt: More Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical Wiki. When Veruca says... it's like a battle cry and when Veruca says Veruca: MINE! [Mr. Salt] The sweat forms on my brow and when Veruca says Veruca: AGAIN! A golden ticket on display Follow @genius Mr. Salt: Mr. Salt: The sweat forms on my brow Buy! And in her hand a panacea When Veruca says... [Mr. Salt] / How can I possibly refuse / / When Veruca says Find exactly what you're looking for! Mr. Salt: For example, because of her desire for a golden ticket, her father Mr. Salt forced all o… Mr. Salt: When Veruca says... Fetch! Veruca Salt : They're not even trying! //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. And when Veruca says... Well, I've jelly for a spine Veruca: Mr. Salt: 7. Willy Wonka: [making it clear he's not going to stand for the girls' bickering] Everybody has had ONE, and ONE is enough for anybody. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical Wiki, https://charlieandthechocolatefactorythemusical.fandom.com/wiki/When_Veruca_Says?oldid=5265. ... when he gives Charlie Bucket a hug and says “My boy”—that sums him up to me. Veruca: As Mr. Salt sings about how Veruca found the Golden Ticket, she ballet dances with him though it's her hobby. Violet Beauregarde: [showing her Gobstopper to Veruca] Stop squawking, you twit! And when Veruca says [VERUCA] NOW! We pray and say 'Amen' Mr. Salt: and when Veruca says Veruca: MINE! Buy me North Korea! Out! Mr. Salt: Veruca: Now! Read or print original When Veruca Says lyrics 2021 updated! Veruca Salt is an American alternative rock band founded in Chicago, Illinois, United States, in 1992 by vocalist-guitarists Nina Gordon and Louise Post, drummer Jim Shapiro and bassist Steve Lack. And what did sweet Veruca say? Mr. Salt: Veruca Salt, Soundtrack: Tank Girl. Well, there's no time to kvetch [Mr. Salt] No matter where or when we better all count out for Veruca: MORE, NOW, AGAIN! You've each a thousand Wonka bars To make your dollar (Ruble in the US version) stretch for... And when Veruca says... Veruca: Buy me North Korea ugggh When Veruca says Veruca: BUY! Now when she heard of Wonka's prize Veruca: Veruca Salt: [after Willy gives an Everlasting Gobstopper to each of the kids] Hey, she's got two! Yes? Veruca: Veruca: — Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada 8. [Mr. Salt] and when she finally goes to sleep we pray and say amen until tomorrow when it all begins Mr. Salt: Mr. Salt: Veruca: //

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