From the numerous weddings I’ve coordinated, there is one thing that sticks out to me the most. How the day is experienced.  For some, it comes more natural to experience the day in it’s fullness. While others have to be more intentional about getting out of their head, laying down the stress, control and efforts for perfection.
What makes the experience different? Wholehearted presence. One way or another you are going to experience that special day in your life. But, wouldn’t you rather experience it with intention versus happenstance? So I encourage Brides, Grooms, Moms, Dads, Sisters, Maids of Honor…to be intentional leading up to the special day. Below are some of my recommendations. May you enjoy….fully!



  • MARGIN: Leave room for margin in your wedding day schedule. It’s easier to keep the feeling of stress at bay when you have room for things to not go fully as planned.
  • PEACE & QUITE: On the morning of the wedding, wake up, stay in your pjs, grab a warm cup of coffee or tea and go outside. Even if it is cold…bundle up! Take in the freshness of the air. Have quiet time by yourself before the happenings of the day begin. Pray over your day. Envision yourself wholeheartedly experiencing the day before you. Let the excitement, joy and peace wash over you.
  • PAMPER YOURSELF: If time/budget allows, get a massage the morning of your wedding or the week of. Get or give yourself a mani/pedi. Ask someone to help! You’ll be glad you pampered yourself and reduced the tension built up from the months of planning and anticipation.
  • AMBIANCE: Be intentional about your surroundings on the day of your wedding. Pick a space to get ready in that makes you happy. Hire vendors that carry an attitude of joy, calm and confidence. They’ll impact your experience more than you may realize. Create a refuge of peace and joy.
  • MUSIC: Sounds simple, but music contributes to your mood tremendously. Maybe you need music that is calming or possibly you prefer it to be upbeat and fun or a mixture of both. Turn on your pre-made playlist or your favorite pandora station. Keep it soft and soothing or turn it up and dance! Whatever your heart wants. You’ll be glad you did!
  • BREATH: This is key. The day can go by so quickly, so remembering to take deep cleansing breaths is essential. Try to do this all throughout the day. Ask your Groom, Bridesmaids, Sister to help you do this. Do it together. Breath. Look around. Take it in. It’s YOUR day!
  • PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS: No ordinary day goes perfectly and a wedding day is no different. But that is partly what makes is so beautiful. Just like the person you are marrying, they are not perfect nor are you, but it’s because of each other’s imperfections that your love is even more lovely. Same is true with your wedding day. It’s a celebration of your perfectly imperfect love. So really, it’s only fitting that the imperfections are what make your day so perfect!